Einurð  was established in 2010 and is a non-profit organization focusing on training, community development and social entrepreneurship. Einurd employs and builds on a network of experts in community research, education, and training. Einurd customers are mostly non-profit organizations including schools and education centres on all levels from preschools to universities as well as organizations and centres of innovation and community development.

ENOROS Consulting was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and in the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management and evaluation of development programs and projects, both at national and European levels.

PRISM monitors and boosts territorial development policies promoted by local and transnational bodies, acting as a qualified development agent since 2012; contributing to the enhancement of professional and entrepreneurial contexts and related actor-oriented competences in the field of educational cooperation and internationalization of practices.

CEFE Macedonia: Искрата за формирање на здружението се јави уште во далечната 1997. Формалното регистрирање на здружението на граѓани ЦЕФЕ Македонија се случи на 26 јуни 2008 година во Скопје Македонија, како непрофитна, непартиска организација. Од тогаш, се до денес, мисијата на ЦЕФЕ Македонија е да ги подобрува претприемaчките перформанси на економските актери преку стимулирање на претприемaчко однесување и развој на бизнис компетенции. Ние веруваме и работиме кон градење на претприемaчко општество и ги учиме лицата да бидат иноватори и претприемачи.

Tavo Europa is a non-governmental organization that works on the building of civil society and establishing a rule of law in Lithuania. Our NGO is created to serve as a learning organization that gathers trainers, youth and social workers, youth policy makers, experts, and volunteers with different levels of competences to be actively involved in the creation of civic activities with European dimension and with benefits for their local communities.

Organisation Earth  is a Greek Non-profit Civil Society Organization founded in 2010 that promotes Sustainable Development, by offering programs of non-typical education and by facilitating community-based activities, with a focus on vulnerable populations living in urban centers.